About Us


I grew up in Union County Oregon and spent my time in the hills and at Morgan Lake as a child. While my family was fishing or hiking or hanging around a campfire I was collecting flowers and making arrangements. I have always been "creative" and my Mom gave me ample opportunity to practice. We would have craft days and she'd set out random crafty things and let our imaginations run wild. Then, as I got older my mom started a professional cake business and often times I would help her with the fresh flowers...I really began to develop a skill I loved and could be passionate about. My family members would get married, or have parties and happily I volunteered to do any decorating and flower arranging I could get my hands on. Many years of practice and several children later, this idea came to me to offer people and businesses a quick, easy and affordable way to have fresh flowers all the time...I could have all the fun I wanted designing flower arrangements and also help our community beautify itself at the same time...that sounds like a win/win to me!!!

So here we are now, setting a new standard of excellence, economy, and convenience in the florist industry.

We are thrilled to be working for you!